Tamped concrete

Tampers, also known as Jitterbugs is a tamped finish produced by raising and lowering the compacting beam that creates a rough surface. This process pushes the coarse concrete aggregates present beneath the surface and fuses the concrete.

The grooves generally have the same direction as that of drainage falls, and for ramps, chevron pattern follows. At Streatcrete Ltd, we have talented and experienced professionals equipped with latest tools and knowledge to create the perfect tamped concrete surface for your commercial and residential use.


Installation of Tamped Concrete by Streatcrete Ltd

Most of the tamping performed by our professionals is done either by standing in the wet concrete or using roller tampers from outside. On a low slump concrete, the beam is raised and lowered to compact the concrete’s surface that creates roughness. The length of minimum depth highly depends on upon the design and use of slab, but it is maintained at 200mm.

Our professionals know the importance of maintaining the optimal heaviness of the tamped finish, as too much can lead to drainage and faster contamination in the grooves. Even with high slump concrete, the aggregates sink inside, and the tamping can cause easy segregation.

The tamped concrete is ready for foot traffic within 24 hours, and our professionals recommend mesh and bar reinforcements for external installations.

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