Hand Lay Method

Hand Trowelled Finish is a flooring method that is directly finishing the wearing surfaces created by Power-Floating. The result is a finished hard surface, which is ideal for computer floors, tiled areas, and carpet floors.

At StreatCrete Ltd, our professionals are highly skilled in the art of flooring techniques and know the importance of different level requirements of our customers. Whether you’re installing a heavy factory floor or a light commercial floor, we are aware of the best flooring options that meet your requirements. We aim for a smooth and very dense surface with our Hand Trowelled Finish, which is ideal for warehouses and large slab areas.


Hand Trowelled Finish Installation by StreatCrete Ltd

Our skilled workers lay the concrete and level it using a mechanical pump, which is then hand floated with Easi-Float for the perfect, smooth finish. You may not find this finish as smooth as power floated, but it is ideal for places like carpet, tiles, and screed.

We recommend a mini depth of 75 mm bonded and 100 mm un-bonded for foot traffic and 150 mm to 350 mm dependant for trafficked areas. The surface is ready for foot traffic after a drying time of 24 hours. We also recommend reinforcements of plastic or steel fibers, depending upon the loading and use of the surface.

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