Dry Shake Topping

Dry shakes are most commonly used to add colour to the concrete and to provide a slip resistance, but are generally used to improve the floors abrasion resistance and durability.

Dry shakes are a blend of cement, aggregates, admixtures and pigments. Dry shake is applied to a concrete slab during the laying process, it is carefully and equally distributed over the surface of the concrete and then power floated and trowelled in.


Installation of Dry Shake Hardeners by Streatcrete Ltd

The addition of hardener is mandatory during the dry shake application process, to avoid hindering of its use on the concrete. At Streatcrete Ltd, we have talented and experienced professionals who are well equipped and knowledgeable of dry shake consolidating, installation, finishing, curing, and protection.

We understand the importance of exclusively designing a concrete mix, which can perform in conjunction with dry shake hardener to get a flawless result. Hence to eliminate difficulties like blistering of dry shake and poor delaminations, our team members follow every step and procedure with precision to make your floors the best color and high abrasion resistance.

The Best Ways to Apply Dry Shake Toppings

Following are the most productive ways mastered by professionals at Streatcrete Ltd, to apply dry shake efficiently onto a surface-

  • For small placement, spreading the mixture by hand is the best way to get optimal flatness and levelness.
  • For commercial areas like offices, pedestrian Tremex Spreader is the best way to get the job done in shortest time.
  • For very large areas, spreading the topping mechanically reduces time consumption and increases the efficiency of the spread.

With Streatcrete Ltd and its advanced dry shake topping service, you can get the most abrasion resistant and hardened industrial floor for the best result.

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