Brush Finish Concrete

At Streatcrete Ltd, we consider the process of brush finishes concrete as an art that can achieve great decorative effects when done by experienced professionals. The end finish is a texture of concrete created by brushing the top layer of the cement with stiff bristles, before the hardening and curing process.

A subtle rough texture is accomplished in the end that also has a high slip resistance feature. There are many types of finish that one can create depending upon the length and shapes of the tufts, and coarseness of the bristles. Softer bristles give medium to light finish, and hard bristles give coarse texture – even the change in material like plastic or steel can result in a different concrete finish.


Installation of Brush Finish Concrete Floor by Streatcrete Ltd

At Streatcrete Ltd, our professionals keep their knowledge updated with the latest methods and technology available in the flooring industry. When it comes to brush finish concrete installation, the combination of skip float and brush is the best method. This process takes place in the following two steps:

  • Skip float is equipped with a long handle that is used to push it across the bay, one time.
  • After reaching the bay end, the handle is turned that lowers the brush head onto the concrete. This is then used to draw the finish across the bay.

Our professionals at Streatcrete Ltd know the importance of timing in this method. Any haste in this process can lead to the addition of early bleed water into the surface, which can cause weakening and plucking of coarse aggregate from the surface.

We recommend brush finish concrete for areas of high vehicular or foot traffic, and mechanical handling plant. With Streatcrete Ltd, you can give your floors the best kind of brush finish concrete that is performed with precision and latest technology.

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